If ever planning to sell your house, it would be very wise to use any makeover money you have on hand on the kitchen. Have you researched how much your house would fetch on the market if you sold it? A great deal depends on the kitchen – how attractive, how functional and how well-appointed your kitchen is. Nevertheless, if you can’t really spend heaps of money on a project, these cheap kitchen makeover ideas should help.

Kitchen backsplashes tend to be expensive because the decorative tiles that go there can be expensive and can take many labor hours to set up. Modern and attractive backsplash options which are made out of vinyl or stainless steel can be cheap and can match everything else in your kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets tend to be the single most expensive thing in your kitchen remodel. If you replace everything and get new stuff. You can almost spend any kind of money on new cabinetry, but something around $2500 tends to be normal. For your cheap kitchen remodeling project though, you can save a great deal of money by simply painting your cabinets a nice quiet color and then updating all the handles and hinges to something modern. You’d be surprised how many people coming in will believe you just changed all the cabinetry around.

Try to save as much as possible by doing as much as possible yourself. Labor costs for removal and demolishing are very expensive and these are tasks that anyone can do and have contractors for the more specialized jobs if you’re not overly confident with your level of DIY skills. You should be able to complete a very effective kitchen makeover on a budget of no more than three to four thousand dollars.